Just like in sports, coaches don’t score the goals but their role is to get the champion in each player to show up.


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When we hear the stories of the champions, it seems very clear that they are capable of pinpointing a time in their lives where everything changed. We choose to call that moment a Starting Point. In our coaching, we believe that there is a champion in every one of us and especially in every woman in the world. Yes, women are breaking World records every minute and every second in all fields. Women are at the very core of families and societies. They are the builders, the creators, the authors of new generations. In order for women to hold all of their responsibilities and find their personal happiness at the same time, they need a lot of support. This support is not always available to them. This is where we come in to support women in their relationships with themselves, their families and at work. We offer three types of coaching that are focused on Supporting you:

Personal Coaching

Do you feel alone facing life and professional challenges? Do you feel lost and with no direction? Is the future getting unclear day by day? Our coaching philosophy is based on the belief that each human being is creative, resourceful and whole. When we work with clients, we hold the client's agenda at the heart of the coaching process and we use various techniques to help the clients find their own answers.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are living breathing beings that evolve from infancy to adolescence to maturity to a lifelong commitment. They are also naturally creative and intelligent, with the wisdom to know when to move forward and when to stop. Our coaching approach works directly with the relationship and enables the individuals in that relationship to see it more clearly by constantly revealing the relationship system to itself. This will help the relationship develop and grow through honesty and transparency.

Team Building

On a rowboat, individuals have to be rowing in a synchronized way so that the boat can move fast and reach its destination. We, at Starting Point, build teams by: Unifying their vision, Synchronize their efforts, sharing values And celebrating wins together.

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