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Authentic Parent Training (APT)

Authentic Parent Training is a unique Parenting program that integrates knowledge from the fields of Developmental Psychology, Early childhood Education, Effective communication, personal and Relationship coaching. When I developed this program I brought together all of my knowledge and expertise in these various fields of knowledge and in experiential learning as I am an Alchemy trainer. Alchemy being a mode of facilitating learning based on an experiential adult learning model. APT consists of three modules:-

  1. Understanding our Children
  2. Understanding Ourselves
  3. Understanding Effective Communication

Rebonding of the body

Created by Dr. Deanna Mulvihill, this program is a profound and effective healing process for individuals who have experienced a wide range of traumatic experiences. It has been found to be especially useful in persons with food and body image issues, and/or abuse, depression, low self esteem and/or neglect issues. The technique works on the following assumptions: In order to survive certain traumatic incidents persons disassociate or “disown” parts of their bodies or personalities. No real healing can take place until those disassociated parts are reintegrated. This reintegration seldom happens by verbal therapy alone. Thus Rebonding of the Body focuses on the body/mind connection and employs body-oriented techniques; incorporating movement, art (spontaneous painting), relaxation, visualization, cognitive restructuring and systematic desensitization into a structured program.



Food For Feelings (FFF)

This workshop was designed to help people struggling with disordered and chaotic eating, get to the root of their problem. In this workshop we use various ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) tools such as The Third Entity exercise, Paper constellations, Lands Work, Alignment coaching and Edge work, in order to help participants delve deep into the issues, voices and experiences that lie behind their relationship with food. In addition, participants will also use some art work and spontaneous movement to connect deeply with their bodies.
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